What better way to create advocacy within your user base then to recognize superstar customers as superheroes? It's the key stakeholder that made the program successful, because if it wasn't for them, the technology wouldn't have been installed in the first place. Make that person feel like a superhero for their achievements! 

(appealing to customers on a personal level is also the easiest way to get testimonials, which can otherwise be cumbersome when working with enterprise corporations) 

So what did we do? We created AP Superhero Steve Richards and Shared Services Superhero Rachel Sharkey.

How does it feel to be an Accounts Payable Superhero? Let's ask Steve...

By personalizing the brand, and adding a face to the product, we become more than just a technology provider, we become a true business partner. 

Check out the full websites to see how we turned our customers into superheroes to strengthen relationships, add credibility to our brand through customer stories, and cut through the noise with people-2-people marketing.