Taulia connects SAP to the cloud to automate and streamline supplier relationships. Taulia has the strongest and most sophisticated SAP integration in the market. So my job? How do we bring this message to market to become the de facto choice for SAP customers looking for financial supply chain optimization. 

Through this site, we paint the picture of how companies can connect SAP to Taulia to turn every invoice into a revenue opportunity and create a truly collaborative, efficient and profitable supply chain: TAULIAxSAP

The campaign offers the following to a select group of qualified and strategic SAP customers: 

  • Proof-of-concept developed within a day to show the ease of use, fast time to value and direct business results

  • Advanced supplier segmentation and program plan to determine business case and ROI

  • 50% of targeted in-scope suppliers enrolled within 6 months

Check it out: