Being a kid is hard. Taulia is easy.

You don’t need an overactive imagination to turn every invoice into a revenue opportunity.

Supplier financing addresses all the inefficiencies currently present in the financial supply chain. By offering early payments, buying organizations turn every invoice into a revenue opportunity and strengthen their supply chain.

To demonstrate the ease of use and simplicity of these tools, we created Timmy, a normal 6 year old boy who just doesn't want to wash dishes or eat his vegetables. 

Except what makes Timmy unique is that he's a supplier whose faced with the many woes of owning his own business. But once he gets introduced to Taulia, he quickly learns that getting paid early on approved invoices is as easy as the click of a button.

The funny video, showing a boy interacting with Taulia, is a great catch to draw people into the top of the funnel. Throughout the rest of the campaign site, we use customer stories, analyst reports and a variety of Taulia content to add credibility and sophistication to our message and tell the story of Taulia being the most intuitive supplier financing product on the market. 

Check out the site and let me know what you think!