Unconventional Acceleration

Who ever said you can't have fun in B2B enterprise marketing? 

Small businesses are often starved for cash, forced to resort to unfavorable financing offers to keep their business afloat. With Taulia, suppliers can get paid with the click of a button through simply accelerating approved invoices. What do suppliers do with this cash? Many things; they hire new employees, develop new product lines, expand their operations... they survive. 

To show the importance of giving suppliers access to cash when they need it most, we created this campaign, highlighting the real impact increased cash flow can have on people's lives.  

And in true Taulia style, we of course had to create funny videos to catch people's attention and stand out from the noise. 

There are times when suppliers need to be responsible with their cash. Then there are times where they just need to say F*$@ It.

The campaign continues on to highlight the effect early payments has on the individual supplier level, as well as the macroeconomic level: Unconventional Acceleration

The campaign shows how early payments can transform the small business economy. It features 3 suppliers and explains how through access to early payments, they have been able expand warehouse space, buy new equipment and hire new employees. Further, the campaign looks at supplier financing on the macroeconomic level, and features a partner video answering the question "how would the economy be impacted if all the global 2000 companies paid their invoices early?" (hint: we're talking billions injected into the economy).

Check it out here: Taulia.com/unconventional