P2P Superheroes

What better way to create advocacy within your user base then to recognize superstar customers as superheroes? It's the key stakeholder that made the program successful, because if it wasn't for them, the technology wouldn't have been installed in the first place. Make that person feel like a superhero for their achievements! 

(appealing to customers on a personal level is also the easiest way to get testimonials, which can otherwise be cumbersome when working with enterprise corporations) 

So what did we do? We created AP Superhero Steve Richards and Shared Services Superhero Rachel Sharkey.

How does it feel to be an Accounts Payable Superhero? Let's ask Steve...

By personalizing the brand, and adding a face to the product, we become more than just a technology provider, we become a true business partner. 

Check out the full websites to see how we turned our customers into superheroes to strengthen relationships, add credibility to our brand through customer stories, and cut through the noise with people-2-people marketing.



Innovative P2P

People are used to things happening a certain way. And we aren’t saying that's bad - we are saying, however, that it could be better. A global P2P process without technology just doesn’t make sense anymore. Don’t believe us? Hear it directly from our traditional vs. innovative P2P professionals!

In this campaign, Innovative P2P, we created a series of videos to show the contrast between innovative and traditional P2P experts. Through a combination of customer references, third-party verification and creative content, we urged the readers to join the modern world by adopting technology to remove efficiencies in the supply chain.

Check out the full site here: taulia.com/innovative-p2p

Suppliers Love Taulia

Our product suite is purchased by Fortune 500's, but it's their 10s of thousands of suppliers that actually use the tools everyday. How do these companies position the benefits of the solution to their suppliers so that they actually use the tools? 

Well that's up to us. 

That's why we created this site, Suppliers Love Taulia, to educate the market on how these tools actually impact their entire supply chain. How does eInvoicing empower suppliers to be self-sufficient? How does dynamic discounting finally give suppliers control over their cash flow? Well we decided to ask the suppliers themselves! 

The site is built to ease our buyer's concerns that their suppliers won't use the tools. We did this through a combination of supplier testimonial videos, supplier efficiency stats, platform usage stats, and creative copy that helps tell the story of how "we're perfect together" 

Check out the site and let me know what you think! taulia.com/suppliers-love-taulia


Being a kid is hard. Taulia is easy.

You don’t need an overactive imagination to turn every invoice into a revenue opportunity.

Supplier financing addresses all the inefficiencies currently present in the financial supply chain. By offering early payments, buying organizations turn every invoice into a revenue opportunity and strengthen their supply chain.

To demonstrate the ease of use and simplicity of these tools, we created Timmy, a normal 6 year old boy who just doesn't want to wash dishes or eat his vegetables. 

Except what makes Timmy unique is that he's a supplier whose faced with the many woes of owning his own business. But once he gets introduced to Taulia, he quickly learns that getting paid early on approved invoices is as easy as the click of a button.

The funny video, showing a boy interacting with Taulia, is a great catch to draw people into the top of the funnel. Throughout the rest of the campaign site, we use customer stories, analyst reports and a variety of Taulia content to add credibility and sophistication to our message and tell the story of Taulia being the most intuitive supplier financing product on the market. 

Check out the site and let me know what you think! taulia.com/taulia-is-easy

Take control of your supply chain

A little competitive banter never hurt anyone! 

One of our major competitors has 3 components of their business model that we fundamentally disagree with: charging suppliers to interact on the platform, not providing support after go-live and financing invoices without the buyer's consent. 

To illustrate the impact of these harmful practices on the supply chain, we removed the supply chain complexity, and told the story in terms of our day to day lives. 

For example, we don't think it's right to charge suppliers to interact on the platform. We think it's kind of like friends charging friends for dinner at your house.

The videos were a component of our greater story, developed to help customers better understand the impact of partnering with a solution provider that doesn't have a strong supplier adoption and supplier financing strategy. Check out the full site here: taulia.com/take-control

Unconventional Acceleration

Who ever said you can't have fun in B2B enterprise marketing? 

Small businesses are often starved for cash, forced to resort to unfavorable financing offers to keep their business afloat. With Taulia, suppliers can get paid with the click of a button through simply accelerating approved invoices. What do suppliers do with this cash? Many things; they hire new employees, develop new product lines, expand their operations... they survive. 

To show the importance of giving suppliers access to cash when they need it most, we created this campaign, highlighting the real impact increased cash flow can have on people's lives.  

And in true Taulia style, we of course had to create funny videos to catch people's attention and stand out from the noise. 

There are times when suppliers need to be responsible with their cash. Then there are times where they just need to say F*$@ It.

The campaign continues on to highlight the effect early payments has on the individual supplier level, as well as the macroeconomic level: Unconventional Acceleration

The campaign shows how early payments can transform the small business economy. It features 3 suppliers and explains how through access to early payments, they have been able expand warehouse space, buy new equipment and hire new employees. Further, the campaign looks at supplier financing on the macroeconomic level, and features a partner video answering the question "how would the economy be impacted if all the global 2000 companies paid their invoices early?" (hint: we're talking billions injected into the economy).

Check it out here: Taulia.com/unconventional

It’s Never Too Late to Modernize Your Payables

Business moves fast these days and leveraging modern technologies to make processes more efficient and effective is key to staying competitive. 

In our recent campaign, Modernize Your Payables, we showcase the evolution of the financial supply chain by exaggerating the contrast of traditional processes versus the innovations possible through modern technology.  

By highlighting the impact on eInvoicing, supplier management and supplier financing, the campaign shows how technology has transformed the relationship between buyers and suppliers, creating the possibility for real-time connectivity and interactions. 

We tell a story through the site, starting with creative videos to catch people's interest, then moving through the funnel with compelling content to define buyer pain points and needs, as well as an analyst asset to add third-party credibility and a customer case study to add advocacy. And of course, a contact form at the end to turn visitors into qualified leads.

Check it out here: Taulia.com/Modernize